PRF - "platelet-rich fibrin"

A revolutionary method of using steam cells in dental medicine

PRF is the abbreviation for platelet-rich fibrin, which is extracted by blood centrifuge. Platelet (thrombocytes) contain growth factors which enable the growth of new blood vessels, richer bone volume and collagen, which speeds up regeneration process. It is used in orthopedics, esthetic medicine, oral surgery (implantology) and paradentology.

In aesthetic medicine, the treatment is known under “Vampire treatment”, and it is applied for skin regeneration.


The key effect of PRF is speeding tissue regeneration.



PRF method represents a revolutionary step in skin renewal, since it doesn’t require addition of anticoagulants or any other biochemical agent – centrifuge of your own blood is sufficient!

PRF - protocol

The entire process takes around 15 minutes, and it is completely painless.

PRF protokol

The basic steps of PRF protocol

Step #1

The process begins with extracting patient’s blood into a test tube
(Vacuette ®, 10 ml).

Step #2

The blood is then processed using a centrifuge. Vacuette are placed into a centrifuge device (PRF DUO System), and fibrin enriched with thrombocytes and plasma are extracted.

Step #3

PRF end product is than applied the area which need healing or renewing.


Plasma used is concentrated growth factor and thrombocytes which contain stem cells.

PRF - protocol is safe

Since patients own blood is used, the PRF method is extremely safe
(no infections transfer or allergic reactions)

PRF protocol

PRF types (A- PRF, i-PRF)

The centrifuge device we use at ZDC (PRF DUO System) has the option of obtaining two PRF fractions: A-PRF which is a cloth (8 minutes of centrifuge) and i-PRF which is liquid (3 minutes centrifuge).

A-PRF (Advanced PRF) ) is a fibrin cloth rich in thrombocytes, which is applied in oral surgery, implantology and periodontology, and enables faster and less painful healing.

Where is A-PRF used?

  • Teeth extraction (less bone damage, would heals faster, the recovery is less unpleasant)
  • Gingiva recession therapy (gum withdrawal)
  • Implantation (faster healing)
  • Bone augmentation (preparation for implant implementation)
  • Sinus lift
  • Periodontal surgery

i-PRF (Injectable PRF ) is a fraction in liquid form, unlike A-PRF which is a cloth. It has similar characteristics to A-PRF, but it has an advantage of containing stem cells, and it can be injected anywhere.

i-PRF increases blood flow through soft tissue, while injection to joints decreases pain and helps with better joint function. It is important to note that PRF treatment shows exceptional success with gingiva recession (gum withdrawal), where it enables gingiva renewal.

Its most common application in dental surgery – implantology is in combination with graphs (sticky bone), in order to get better bone augmentation (increase in bone volume)

i-PRF protokol

"Vampire treatment"

In ZDC, i-PRF (liquid form of enriched plasma) is used for non-invasive renewal of face, neck and cleavage skin.

The treatment itself is simple, painless and quick (15 minutes). The obtained i-PRF is applied using a dermapen (Dr. penTM), or its injected using a needle to the desired area of the face. This technique stimulates production and secretion of collagen and elastin, which provides better skin firmness and consistency.

i-PRF protokol

It is used in anti-age treatments (skin lift, wrinkle treatment), in decreasing and treating hyperpigmentation and scars, as well as in lip augmentation.

After just one treatment, the improvement is up to 30%, and for the best result, the procedure is repeated 3-4 times in 15-30 days’ time span. Afterwards, we recommend a maintenance treatment once per year. The additional benefit of this treatment is that it can be combined with hyaluronic fillers

Dermapen (Dr. penTM) and Microneedling

Dermapen microneedling treatment is a very effective non-surgical method for removing wrinkles and scars.

Dermapen consists of abundance of single use microneedles, which through vibrations create many micro pores in the skin. These “micro wounds” enable better penetration of active skin reagents. These active substances are being transferred from skin cell to skin cell, thus enabling cells into renewing and creating new collagen.

Dermapen i Microneedling

After dermapen treatment, the skin is cleansed and with less wrinkles, and skin tone is equalized. The skin of your face looks glossy, younger, well rested and revitalized. After the treatment, during the skin recovery phase, one should avoid sunlight exposure, as well as going to solarium.

Za razliku od drugih proizvoda s mikroiglicama, Dermapen ima poseban vertikalni kut uboda koji pospješuje efekt i pruža ravnomjerniju i sigurniju metodu te time smanjuje mogućnost oštećenja kože.

Dermapen i Microneedling


  • Decreases wrinkles
  • Gives freshness and natural glow to the skin
  • Acts as firming agent and narrows skin pores
  • Acne scars are less visible
  • Helps with creating natural collagen and elative
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • The benefit of cream usage is increased significantly, and the skin absorbs better

Mild treatments can be done every two to four weeks. Deep treatments for scars can be repeated every four to six weeks

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