Orthopanomogram or panoramic image

One of main diagnostic methods in dental medicine

Digital panoramic X-ray is the starting point of every examination because it shows the current condition of patient’s lumbar cavity and without it it’s impossible to start any surgical procedure. The image includes all teeth, upper and lower jaw, temporomandibular joint, and partly the structure above the mouth (nasal cavity, maxillary sinuses).

Pathological processes can be clearly observed around all teeth roots, as well as bone condition in state of periodontitis, and carious lesions on the teeth.

Ortopantomogram, ortopan

Diagnostically this is the most important X-ray for timely detection of tooth diseases and surrounding structures. According to this image it is possible to prepare a detailed treatment plan.

Orthopanomogram or panoramic image

It is necessary prior to any orthodontic or implantology therapy, as well as after the treatment, since the control image is made.