Implantoprosthetics - Prosthetics on implants

In this case, implants have a role of carrying ceramic crowns, bridges and prosthesis

Depending on number of teeth needed replacing, there are several options for impalntoprosthetic therapy:

  • Ceramic crown on an implant
  • Bridges on the implants
  • Prosthesis on the implants
  • All-on-4TM


1. Single tooth missing

If you only have one tooth missing, an ideal solution is an individual crown on an implant

Nedostatak jednog zuba

That’s the perfect aesthetic, as well as practical solution without any preparation and devitalization of surrounding teeth.

Also, an implant is a long-term and higher quality than a typical bridge.

2. More teeth missing

Depending on number of teeth missing and condition of the bone, your dentist at ZDC will suggest and optimal number and position of the implants

Nedostatak više zubi

That way, mobile prosthetic solutions (prosthesis) are avoided, and other natural teeth are saved.

At the same time, you will get a more comfortable and more natural prosthetic addition which works and feels just like a natural tooth.

3. All teeth missing

In this case, prosthetic solutions on implants can be fixed (bridges, All-on-4TM) or mobile (prosthesis)

Fixed bridge on implants

Fixed bridge on implants

Depanding on the state of the jaw, a certine number of implants is placed (6 to 8) based on a specific plan made by your dentists at ZDC. The more implants, the more stabile the fixed bridge is.

All on 4


All-on-4TM is a method of implantoprosthetic sanation of the jaw which enables our patients which have no natural teeth to get a new fixed solution within 24 hour period (teeth in one day). This method is particulary beneficial for patients with less bone volume, as there is no need for bone augmentation.

Prosthesis on implants

Prosthessi on implants is a combined solution which is aesthetically very pleasing, gives exceptional stability, and also enables good oral hygene. Depending on the jaw, a certaine number (2-4) of implants is placed according to a specific plan.

Proteza na implantatima

A crossbar or a bead is placed inside of an implant as a base for the prosthesis which has compatible hooks which hold the prosthesis in place. This option allows the prosthesis to be easily removed and placed back, which enables easier oral hygene.

Free dental exams & X-Ray services for new patients

If you have x-rays of teeth, digital photos or therapy plans, attach them to this message so that the ZDC team of doctors can more easily approach the creation of an individual therapy plan.

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