The most important thing is to preserve the natural tooth as long as possible!

Endodontics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with "the treatment of the dental nerve" or the root canal of the teeth.

Endodontic therapy is performed when the cavities leads to tooth decay - trough enamel and dentin, and came to the dental pulp. When the bacteria are found in the pulp area, pulpits occurs and there is usually strong pulmonary pain present.

At this point, visiting the dentist is inevitable.


The goal of endodontic therapy is to cure the tooth and thus prevent its extraction.

Endodontic therapy

Zara Dental Centar dentists have been using machine root processing techniques for over 15 years, constantly following the latest trends. Because of this, the treatment of teeth in ZDC lasts much shorter, and it is possible to process and fill the root canal in just one visit.

Thanks to new sophisticated technologies such as Digital Radiovirus (RVG), apex locator and machine endodontics, the "nerve treatment" process has ceased to be a source of discomfort and time consuming.

Endodontic Tooth Treatment

  • Removing the dental nerve
  • Thorough cleaning of the complete root canal
  • Filling the canal with permanent fillings to prevent future penetration of bacteria in the interior of the root

Endodontically treated teeth at the Zara Dental Centar will still be able to perform their function for a long time, either as stand-alone units or as bridges and crowns.

After endodontic therapy, there is often a great chunk of tooth which needs to be replaced in order to avoid tearing or tooth discoloration.

The best solution for this case is fiber reinforced composite cartridges and composite filling for minor damage, and for larger we recommend ceramic inlay or crown.

Endodontic procedures are performed completely painless, with local anesthesia.

Also, as a "Morita reference clinic", we are proud to announce that we have a machine endodontic system and an apex locator embedded in the dental chair, which makes the whole procedure more pleasing, precise and quicker.

Endodontic procedures

Free dental exams & X-Ray services for new patients

If you have x-rays of teeth, digital photos or therapy plans, attach them to this message so that the ZDC team of doctors can more easily approach the creation of an individual therapy plan.

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