What is All-on-4® - treatment concept?

All-on-4® is a trusted solution for replacing all of your teeth with just four dental implants.

All-on-4® dental implants do not require bone grafting and simply require four implants that can support the entire arch of dental restorations. Traditional dental implants may require up to eight single implants to support an entire arch of dental restorations. All-on-4® dental implants only use four implants in total because the two posterior implants are tilted at an angle that allows for longer implant posts. These implants offer the same durability and support of traditional implants but with a faster treatment time.

Surgery is much quicker as most patients are able to have the replacement teeth added the same day as their implant surgery while maintaining regular eating and chewing functions, rather than waiting weeks between surgeries.

All-on-4® is an effective low-maintenance option for patients in that they will not have to undergo continuous, costly procedures to correct their severely damaged or lost teeth. Instead they can have the work completed in a single treatment. Another appealing advantage of the All-on-4® system is that patients who have been told they lack sufficient jawbone density for traditional dental implants, are often suitable All-on-4® candidates since this technique requires less bone for implant placement.

All-on-4® postupak


  • Fixed teeth in only 24 hours!
  • Lower overall cost!
  • Bone grafting is not necessary prior to implant placement!
  • Faster healing time!
  • Easy maintenance, no special care required, other than regular brushing and flossing!
  • Significantly enhanced smile aesthetics!
  • Reduced bone resorption or atrophy!
  • Greater self-confidence and overall quality of life!
  • Results that can last a lifetime!

All-on-4® procedure: step by step

What Should I Expect During the All-on-4® Procedure?

Step #1 - Initial consultation with 3D CBCT diagnostic

Initial consultation

The first step towards receiving your new teeth starts with a free consultation.

In ZDC, our dentists are committed to determining which procedure will provide maximum benefit for our patients. To find out if All-on-4®, or another procedure, is the best choice for you, our doctor implantologist will meet with you for a consultation. During this appointment, doctor will review your medical and dental history, and 3D CBCT and photos will be taken. Using 3D x-ray technology, our doctor will carefully plan your procedure, locating the exact implant location that affords the greatest efficiency and least trauma. Following this consultation process, you will be scheduled for surgery implantation. Here, your new teeth will be fitted and adjusted within a 24 hour period, even if extractions are necessary.

Step #2 - Surgery day

1. Preparation

Surgery day can understandably be nerve-wrecking, especially when it comes to a major procedure. At Zara Dental Centre, we want you feeling calm and collected when your All-On-4® procedure day arrives. Knowing what to expect during oral surgery can help ease any fears and prepare you for a speedy recovery. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


2. Surgical part of All-on-4®

First our trained and experienced staff is here to prepare you with detailed instructions, antibiotics and sedatives. Then you will be given an anesthetic to ensure your comfort.

Once the procedure begins, your doctor will remove all of the damaged teeth that remain, including any infected tissue from the gums and jaw. The doctor will then start placing dental implants.

Two dental implants are placed at the front of the jaw, where there is maximum support. Two more dental implants are inserted at a 45 degree angle along the side of the jaw to draw as much strength from the sturdy bone as possible. Thanks to this strategic approach, your All-on-4 dental implants can be restored soon after placement -- in as little as 24 hours, you can be smiling once again.


3. Prosthetic part of All-on-4®

In the second phase, the lab technician and doctor will work together to prepare a temporary bridge. At this stage, the new teeth will be tried in and patients individual aesthetic requirements finalised with our in-house dental laboratory. Then the doctor will secured your temporary teeth to the newly placed implants. You will then be allowed to return home, to start and enjoy your new smile.


Ugradnja implantata

Step #3 - Post-op instructions

After dental implant surgery, you may experience mild pain and discomfort. Bruising may appear after the first few days. This is normal and usually resolves after the first week. Your ZDC doctor will prescribe medication to reduce swelling and minimize any post-operative discomfort.

When you get home, apply an ice pack to both sides of our face at 15 minute intervals for the remainder of the day. Be sure to take it easy for the first 72 hours following surgery and refrain from pulling on your lips or cheeks. This could cause your sutures to tear and delay the healing process. Lots of rest is key to a speedy recovery!

It’s extremely important to only eat soft foods during recovery. During the healing process, your jawbone forms a bond around the implants. Once the bond is strong enough, you can return to a normal diet after a few weeks. It’s critical to maintain a thorough oral care routine, with regular rinsing and gentle brushing. We advise our patients to stay away from any alcohol, cigarettes and contact sports. Heavy exercise or rough activity can disturb your mouth and compromise the implants.he healing process is different for everyone. However, most patients return to normal activities in about three to four days after surgery.


Wondering what foods you can eat after your All-on-4 dental procedure? Unsure of how to clean your new teeth? Your doctor will give you detailed instructions on what you can eat, when to take your prescribed analgesic medications, and how to care for your new teeth. These, and more, are all valid questions while your implants are healing. Over the next several weeks, you’ll have regular follow-up visits to ask questions and for your doctor to monitor your progress and the healing of your implants. During these visits, you’ll receive instruction if you need to adjust your care routine at all. By getting your All-on-4 treatment through Zara Dental Center, you’ll also receive 12 months of any needed follow-up at no extra charge. After your year is up, make sure to still visit for annual check-ups.

Receive your beautiful, new teeth!

Four to six months after your implant placement, you will return to have impressions made for the permanent bridge. Technicians from our in-house lab will be present during this appointment to ensure your permanent bridge is crafted with the highest level of quality and esthetics. This bridge will look as natural as the first, but will instead be a titanium-supported restoration that is designed to last decades, if not a lifetime.

Free dental exams & X-Ray services for new patients

If you have x-rays of teeth, digital photos or therapy plans, attach them to this message so that the ZDC team of doctors can more easily approach the creation of an individual therapy plan.

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